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Janitorial Corporate Cleaning specialize in corporate office cleaning such as; medical building, plaza building, schools, store front, apartment complex, office suites, and office towers.

Overall Services Offered

  • One time Deep Cleaning / Including Seasonal Cleaning
  • Recurring Cleaning
  • One time Basic Cleaning
  • Apartment Move In/Move Out Cleaning
  • Commercial / Office Cleaning
  • Rental Property Cleaning (Not responsible for moving waste and rubbish)
  • Add Ons (Inside Refrigerator)
  • Add Ons (Inside Freezer)
  • Garage Cleaning (Medium)
  • Garage Cleaning (Large)
  • Carpet Cleaning – Referred

Dusting/ Basic Cleaning

  •  Dusting/ Disinfecting Office Desk
  • Disinfecting Conference rooms
  • Accessible items picked up, dusted underneath
  • Ceiling Fans or blade edges and lights
  • Baseboards (visible and accessible)
  • Hanging lights dusted and cleaned. (Glass cleaned)
  • Patio/Breakfast area door glass cleaned top to bottom (Glass panels)
  • Fans, Baseboards, Door Trim, Doors and light switches wiped down


  •  Counter tops cleaned.
  • Items on counter wiped down/placed back where found (i.e., coffeepot, mixers, toaster, etc.)
  • Stove top and microwave cleaned (Inside of oven upon request)
  • Top of refrigerator wiped down (Inside of refrigerator upon request)
  • Appliances wiped down (exteriors): Stainless steel appliances/sinks polished.
  • Cabinet faces wiped down


  • Trash can liners Changed 
  • Counter tops, tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets disinfected and polished
  • Mirrors and fixtures polished
  • All counter top items wiped down and returned where they were found
  • All towel holders, toilet paper holders and shelves wiped down/dusted
  • Floors and rugs (mopped and vacuumed)

Outdoor Window Cleaning

Plaza Building Cleaning

Towers/ Office Suite

Office Bathrooms


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Janitorial Corporate Cleaning provides Remarkable corporate cleaning services in Texas

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